Noise levels in theatres and multiplexes

I always feel the noise levels in theatres & multiplexes are very very high.

I don't understand why is such thing followed in almost every theatre in India?

Are my ears too sensitive or theatre people think everyone is half deaf?

What's the matter??

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Today I attended a school Annual day program in theatre where usually plays take place. Speaking mike sound was touching 75-80 decibels. Is it required to play such high volumes?
Cool Cool
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I absolutely agree with this. The noise levels here are way louder than anywhere else. 

I believe the reason being continuous honking on the roads has increased our tolerance level for noise pollution. 

Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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good topic. 

not sure about the theaters but Noise Pollution also should be addressed appropriately/seriously in india like other countries.

Mobile Guru Mobile Guru
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Single screens got this problem (/ may be it is intended to please the masses) but with plexes, never felt like volume is too high (except those sound effects intentionally being louder than the dialogues)

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Agreed. They are too high and will damage ears. But you can wear earplugs to control it. Let others go deaf since they are ignorant and couldn't care less.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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In India Noise pollution is a myth as per most If you complain anyone to stop then you will get a mouthful of hurls and abuses as if you have asked their share in property
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