One word “PATHETIC”

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I’ve had a horrible experience with Ajio not once but TWICE! I had placed my order and did online payment. I received the package with an item missing. It was supposed to be a Anarkali and trouser set, but they had only sent the Anarkali (I also sent them the video of unboxing). I immediately Tried to get in touch, I couldn’t get through calls so I wrote an email. In the email they Kept assuring that they will resolve the issue as soon as possible. I kept requesting them to send the trousers, but all I got was emails claiming to resolve the issue. Finally after almost 2 months I got a call from their executive stating that as 30 days have passed I cannot exchange the item, nor will they send me the trouser. I had raised a complaint on the day I had received the package, the delay from was their end, they kept dragging the issue for more than a month and then gave me this shitty excuse. I had to bear the loss.

First time instance- I ordered 4 items, paid online, the money got deducted, but I got no confirmation email or SMS from AJIO. I kept waiting, after 3 days I called them to check. Then I get an SMS stating my order has been cancelled, and I had to beg for my own money.

PLEASE DONT WASTE your time and money on this shitty website!!!

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We are sorry that we had to cancel your AJIO order (FL0151****4). This is due to the logistics restrictions around the dispatch centre. We have initiated a full refund to the source account, if you’ve paid for it. Additionally, you will also receive a special coupon code within 24 hrs as a token of apology. Thank you for your understanding!

What the hell ordered Nike shoes worth 5800 for just 1700. And these a**h*les cancelled it.