Panasonic Vs Haier, which brand do you prefer?

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In terms of product quality and servicing for home appliances like fridge washing machine etc.
Thinking to buy Top Load Washing Machine.
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@ariman - Any specific reason to shortlist only these 2 brands?

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Refrigerator (Samsung,LG).

Washing Machine (Samsung,LG, Bosch).

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Brought this at 12.5k, pretty good. But can't set separate wash, rinse, spin timer. Also, spinning cycle is excessive in all modes. But washes clothes, bedsheets perfectly.

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flushed how 12.5k

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Though i am using Haier from last 10yrs

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Refrigerator (,LG).

Washing Machine (,LG,).

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+TV [LG]

+ AC[LG]

+Monitor [LG]

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Haier is a heavy brand, it was very popular a decade ago, now the market is captured by sam/lg etc.

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Panasonic: service centers are there

Haier: reasonable price and quality, service centers questionable, same with spare parts, hence lower price.

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About an year or so prior to Covid-19, the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited ('National' brand) which now is Panasonic

decided that 'enough is enough', if we have to reboot and be within top 4-5 in the mass-market race, then we have to follow some of the principles of the Chinese competitors.

They thus diluted their original 'Japan made' centric (quality centric) approach.

For marketing products in markets like South East Asia and South Asia, Panasonic has since been okay getting these manufactured outside Japan.. in South East Asian countries or in Central Asia (China).

However core ethos still remains of the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited.

Haier claims that for large appliances the technicians who visit or repair at their service centers are not third party service centre hires but Haier's own contract labour or employees.

I really did not want to pass judgements on the above, but one is aware that no one really carries such overheads now. Not even Apple Inc. invests in company run service centers that much.

Maybe Haier does, maybe Haier does not.

Run of the mill categories like wireless earphones/headsets or hair trimmers and hair clippers of Panasonic too face battery degradation over time. But that is more or less standard with other brands too.


In large appliances, both Haier and Panasonic have rather good research and innovation (or reverse engineering) history.

Haier does compete in North America within the high end (double door type) refrigerators and (clothes washer) dryer.. besides others.

So they too (at-least with respect to western markets) have reasonable foundations.

But personally, for washing machines and air-conditioning.. I might choose Panasonic over Haier (if these were the only two options left in the world).

For refrigerators, I wouldn't mind trying Haier.

After sales support of Panasonic is average to above average at many urban places, while in far of semi-urban places or rural areas things get patchy.

Haier not too aware of in recent times, but their after sales services I suppose are okayish too. Except for really lavish products, Haier prices their spare parts slightly more economically than Panasonic.

P.S.: You asked about large appliances, hence I kept to that. Else Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited and Lakhanpal group launched their pencil cell (batteries) joint venture many many decades back. For normal non-rechargeable batteries.. National/ Panasonic still has one of the best ranges.. all made in India. Even today from an 8-8½₹ or 9½-10₹ battery (during offers/ with discounts) in packs of 10-12 .. to even rechargeables. Panasonic is also good in microwaves, rice coolers, maybe the handheld blunders and kitchen stuff too.

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Lg with new technology

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