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Hello Dimers,

My friends passport is expiring in this month, and he has an opportunity to travel by this weekend.

He applied for a passport renewal in tatkal, the passport was delivered last Friday, but still, police verification is not complete (local police station completed it, and approval from commissioner is still pending.


1. He has to travel on Saturday (less than 2 days), can he travel with a new passport without police verification approval?

2. Will he be stopped in India before boarding? or passport is good enough, police verification is only a formality?

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If renewed passport has already received what's the issue no one is coming for anything anymore ..

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As long as his face or name doesn't resemble Vijay Mallya, he's free to leave the country with the newly issued passport. 

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Passport is not considered complete unless everything is complete that includes police verification. Any authority while punching your passport number will immediately come to know that your verification is incomplete.

There are three modes of passport issuance.

  • Pre verification - passport is issued after police verification
  • No verification - passport is issued without police verification (in a renewal scenario where no details of the candidate has changed)
  • Post verification - passport is issued before police verification (various scenarios)

And a big NO. Police verification is not a formality for post verification. You need their sign off for process completion.

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ontherocks wrote:
And a big NO. Police verification is not a formality.

To us it looks like a singular thing.

But there too, internally the file moves from normal police station to the CID section.

It was happenstance that once, in my case, the physical file was not at the nearest local police station, but at (6-7 kilometres away) CID office.

The local staff were actually humble, courteous and said, that I might have better luck to directly go to that office and plead.


And at the CID office section of the passport verification, they were rather chill.

Someone casually looked at me, asked me to identify my file from a heap.

Took it and then said, okay go.. we will check.

Maybe the appearance, demeanour of the passport holder matters too.

Two three days later, that file had come back to my nearest police station.

I was unaware, but a helpful officer from the local station itself called my number within 5 days,

"Aaj sir khud check kar ke sign karne ke liye available hein. Aap aa jai'

(Today xyz person is himself available to approve, so you come).


It was in New Bombay and police coming home to verify for zillion people.. is impractical.


I went. The senior person was even more chill than that CID office.

Joked like: what do you do? Oh really, you are in investment research? Then asked me some usual questions w.r.t. mutual funds, shares.

Commented/joked that I do not quite look like the one in the photo.

Casually asked us 'chai piyoge'.


Signed us off and it was done.


But 100% it is NOT a formality when ECNR not required stamp is needed.

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I completely understand it is not a formality.

Then what is the point in issuing a passport without verification?

Now the question is can he travel with this passport, or at the airport, he will be stopped during departure as his police verification is not complete?
This is a case of passport renewal, but the address changed so police verification is needed again.
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