Paytm payment not received by receiver


So, I had like Rs.5 in Paytm wallet and Rs.200 in Paytm Bank.

I transferred Rs.100 to receiver using his phone number. He too has Paytm with full KYC. At the time of transfer Paytm said, it would transfer the entire amount from from Paytm Bank (as Paytm wallet was short of money). Payment went through successfully. Its been 24 hours, the transaction doesn't show in receiver's Payment History. Today I transferred Rs.1 to him in the same way. It got debited from my Paytm wallet and got credited to receivers Paytm wallet instantaneously.

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Maybe PayTM Customer Care Team can help you with this?

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maybe he has received the 100rs in the merchant account with a settlement date set as T+2. My merchant account is set in the same way, I receive the balance after 2 days in the bank. 

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