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Payzapp is 100% Fraud Application.

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Payzapp is 100% Fraud Application. Recently I tried using it for school fee payment via BHIM. I have an a HDFC account itself. And I installed the app and linked it with the HDFC bank account and loaded with Rs.17,000. Later I found that BHIM was not working in their app and tried pulling back money to HDFC account itself. And the app has deducted Rs.630 for it as fees. So i deleted the account itself(I could have go to Consumer Court, right?).
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I agree 💯% wid ur title. Unfortunately have no experience with consumer court mediation.
+🔥 for visibility. hope some fellow dimers can help

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I also had a bad experience and issue is still open. Paid one gas bill. Trxn is successful on payzapp. Amount deducted from hdfc card. Everything seems normal.
And they I receive reminders from gas company that bill is not submitted. Clearly something went wrong at payzapp end or between them. I keep complaining.
They asked to talk ro credit card bank which is again hdfc. No solution. Seems I will have to pay again.

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their concept of giving cv after 90 days is utter nonsense.
on the other hand other apps give the instant cb.

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I have heard that u have to mail them (most cases) with offer screenshot after 90 freaking years

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