Pepperfry has zero return policy

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I bought a mattress from in the description, it mentioned medium-soft but the mattress is very hard. I raised a return request and one of the executive called me and took the details and he told me he will accept the return request so I asked him about how many days it will take to refund my money he told 7 to 10 days I said ok and I asked him about how they will refund? he didn't answer my question so I insisted him on a refund he told me only the Pepperfry wallet, then I told him no I need only to my bank as I paid from bank. he told he will call back in 24 hours. he didnt call me he mailed that they wont process return request. then I called again to customer care she told she will talk to her manager and let me know in 24 Hours. again no call. I called again to the customer care another person told me item they delivered is correct so no return. I asked her that item is correct but the its not as they mentioned in the item description, it says meaium soft and I what I received is hard. and I asked her the person whome I taklked firest he told he will accept return request. she told she will come back in 24hours again no call back. then again I called customer care this time she told she will aggange a call with merchent. I received call from merchant, I explained him about in the description its mentiond medium soft but its hard he told he will come back in 48hours. again no call after a week I got call from custmer care then she is tell we have no warrenty for mattress. its so funny that I am not asked for warrenty and I never used it and I raised a return request. she didnt listened to me she told she is closing the ticket. so people dont trust pepperfry they will come up with one or another reason to cancel your request. not at all customer friendly.
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You are expecting too much that too from pepperfry;

Even Amazon/FK don’t take returns in this category except for damages

U should have been careful

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