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Apart from gold monetization scheme, any reputed jwellers taking physical gold for lease??

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Can you explain ?? What do you want the terms to be like ?? 

I want the terms to be exactly similar to gold monitization scheme, but the rate of interest should be high...

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@rajatindia Don't know if there are any "physical" gold leasing options available at the moment, & that too with terms similar to gold monetisation. However, you do have digital gold leasing available (Safegold) & the EGRs. With EGRs, you can buy & sell them through BSE (very new & still not established) ->

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Good discussion.
Will monitor to see how it develops.
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rajatindia wrote:

example gives 5% return on ditial gold..

where as sgb gives 2.5% for ditial gold..

i want something similar for physical gold.

i know some shops which does in Mumbai..

Is there something similar?

How do they do it in mumbai ??? 

SGB returns are good compared to physical gold !! NO extra gst too wink 
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