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Places to use combined "Mobikwik Zip + Mobikwik wallet" effectively?

Deal Subedar

Hi Dimers,

Mobikwik ZIP is very interesting to use as I can use it in place of wallet features as it allow to combine wallet balance and ZIP balance at some places

I would like to know where are the website where we can use Mobikwik wallet + ZIP together

Any one know? please comment

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I am unable to use that zip at any platform other than in their app (mobikwik). If any other is accepting this zip, let me know.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Ya same feel, will update in this post if i find something good:)

which is why wanted to know other possibilities using this post:)

Anyone have any other options? 

@all do comment your suggestions:)

Vanguard Vanguard
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@DEEPANGEORGE  I generally see mobikwik wallet/zip option in zingoy....You can buy gift card from zingoy from mobikwik wallet .

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Extra charges?

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