planning to buy realme Q2 , need ur help . is it good interms of call quality n how's the music quality ?? getting these tws earbuds for 1k

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nishantsingh... these for 1k 

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How 1k? Can you let us know about the offer?

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These earbuds deliver the expectations, Mid-range sound is good, the bass is quite adequate, especially after when you enable bass boost from the realme link app. Volume levels are satisfactory

Overall the sound quality is pretty nice

Noise cancellation removes wind noises at most, conversations are audible…. makes very little difference, but yeah can’t expect to be on par of 10k earbuds.

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First Impression:
1. ANC works fine, can’t expect more for this price range, transparency mode just amplifies your surrounding sound
2. Sound quality is good. (comes with two other size earbuds, make sure to check your size to get a better experience I had to change it to large earbud), all three modes(bass, dynamic and bright) works well, the game mode works fine as well
3. Loudness - The sound may not be loud, still, they provide a volume enhancer in the app to get more sound.
4. Design and Build quality - Design looks stunning, build quality is amazing, the case is magnetic, earbuds are plastic but strong, the only problem is it comes out from your ear frequently when you are hearing with more volume this might be an issue with the wrong bud size.
5. Packaging - The box comes with earbuds, a case(with a multi-functional button), a USB cable and some extra size buds. The placing of each item is good and compact
Good for this price, if you are expecting better sound quality and loudness but ready to sacrifice ANC then I would suggest not to go for any TWS earbuds in this price range with ANC, better go for on-ear headphones or more priced earbuds.

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