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PLEASE DONT BUY - Scam artist. selling used and old equipment as new

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I hesitate even to give a 1 Star to this seller. They are a complete scam shop as far as I am concerned. Had purchased a Panasonic Video Phone hand set for my Panasonic Video Phone Security System. got the phone without the orig. packaging, no battery, and no battery door. It came with just a shell. Paid Rs 7900+ for it and its worth ZERO. Have tried over the last two months to resolve this but this is a total scam shop – no one answers the phone and little to no response. Someone called Alok SMS’d me saying he will resolve it (93505-29726) .. that was a month back. No response since. STAY AWAY !

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Highly nonsense written to defame a good company which really is working hard to take care of customers needs.

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