Please help - Ekart Agent picked up return but marked it as mismatched

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I had ordered a samsung RAM SAMSUNG 1600mhz low voltage DDR3 8 GB (Dual Channel) Laptop (M471B1G73QH0-YK0 PC3L- 12800S) – SAMSUNG : Also the model numebr of the RAM was different from what was shown on website. Since it was showing manufacturer as unknown in HwInfo software, so I thought to return it.

The ekart agent came at 1:00pm to pickup and matched the serial number, model number etc with the image on his mobile and said its ok and took it with him. He didn’t gave any return receipt when I asked it and neither I insisted. I made the video of return with his face. At 07:58pm he cancelled the pickup citing the reason as product mismatched.

RAM is with him and company has the money. The copmany number which came in the SMS is not connecting the call to the agent. I had complained t Flipkart customer care. They told to resolve it by 21 May. What should I do? Return policy is valid till 18 May.

I live in Hathras. Wishmaster number received on sms was 7052054321. It asked for mobile number and pin but then it is saying call cannot be connected.

Expiring In 29 days
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Is there any contact number of Ekart? How can I get the Hathras agency number online?

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Ekart is of Flipkart only. Contact Flipkart on twitter for faster resolution they will escalate to local hub

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Musky wrote:

Is there any contact number of Ekart? How can I get the Hathras agency number online?

Are you from main Hathras city? BTW contact Flipkart customer care on twitter for better and fast resolution.

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Musky wrote:

Is there any contact number of Ekart? How can I get the Hathras agency number online?

Find out the nearest hub from any ekart delivery boy moving around. Go to hub directly and enquire

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things like this are happening everywhere @getready

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Musky wrote:

Is there any contact number of Ekart? How can I get the Hathras agency number online?

You took his video but do not have his or any other local person’s number? sad


The IVR numbers alienate the routing if the (pickup/ delivery) loop is marked as completed.


Unlikely that after having his video taken, the DA would have mischief mood.


It might be the second or the third leg of onward hub connections that marked as verification failed.


If ElasticRun Transportation Services Private Limited)  offices in your region can be located

someone there might give you the contacts of the hub near you.

ElasticRun are vendors of Ekart and they (ElasticRun) themselves too sub-contract their work to local businesses in most towns.


Hope you get this sorted soon.

It is always better to make it a habit of jotting down names, references, contact details.


Much before Covid-19 had met someone randomly in a shopping mall and we had exchanged numbers, despite being from unrelated professions.

But chance reconnect during pandemic and we could help our respective local people with relevant leads for some stuff.. despite not being in same towns.


Ditto even a menial looking newspaper delivery boy or autorickshaw person.

(One newspaper boy suddenly recognised me somewhere after 3-3½ years and I felt so happy to know that he was awaiting his C.A. final results!

Technically better qualified than me, in certain roles)


Do not worry about the lapse of the ‘on paper’ return window.

Once a case is registered, return window (that too in your case, when product is out of your possesion) does not bind upon this order.


The internal trams or the person assigned might take more time than the automated timelines given to you.

So do not stress, if on May 20 or May 21, you get a  ↩mail like this↩

Dear Customer,

We apologise for taking longer than expected to resolve your issue. We request you to provide us time till 11 Feb, 8:12 PM to get back to you.

Flipkart Customer Support

⤴It is routine, system generated e-mail.

And as suggested by others, do upload the video or other evidence and try building pressure by tagging their Social Media engagement team.

And hopefully independent of that, you already got things highlighted to [email protected] to help escalate it within the system.

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