[Please share yours too] Healthier (alternate) recipes

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This did not exactly go as per plan, as luciferous locked himself up in a bunker.

However, the other day (currently I am in a semi rural area) we got to discussing millets like Kezhavaragu, Panji pullu, Ragula, Raagi, Naachni/नाचणि, mandia jau/ଓଡ଼ିଆ ମାଣ୍ଡିଆ ଜାଉ, marwa/ আঙুল বাজরা.

The healthier alternatives to glutenous grains like wheat or starchy rice were being discussed.
Sorghum/ White millet/ jowaar (jawaar) and pearl millet/Bajra too came up during the discussions.

Many porridge like or soup/ curry like recipes, besides 'khichadi' or other dishes exist ... from region to region or culture to culture.

But we are often unaware of the range of uses the millets can be put to, or the dishes which others use.

May be we can share some of those hereunder¡!¿?

For example
👆🏽This happened🙂 spur of the moment. But turned out fine👌🏽.
We did not have mortar-pestle or wet grinder.
Someone had suggested that the batter would still rise, so long as 'urad' (pulses/ daal) is there.
But we replaced the rice with raagi.

Had to make do with a mixer/grinder and thus the raagi particles were probably not as fine as needed.
But still looked (shade of purple instead of whitish) and tasted good.🙂
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I suggested if chiladas (chillas.. the tortilla like desi flat bread dish) too can have mostly baajra/pearl millet.

Or at-least (partially) replace some of the ingredients with baajra/ pearl millet.
So that is going to be the next experimentation.
(Baajra also has hot 'taaseer'. It is thus beneficial to consume in cold weather).

Please add to the collective knowledge base (of Homo sapiens) and share what all dishes or healthier alternatives you know of or have tried.
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Jolada rotti/ jowar roti/ bajra bhakri -  tortillas made from bajra flour,  north Karnataka famous dish...

U can search for jolada rotti recipes...

The preparation is bit different than that of normal chapatis we make...IMG20221214165441    

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superdimes wrote:
Jolada rotti, tortillas made from bajra flour,  north Karnataka famous dish

U can search for jolada rotti recipes.
The preparation is bit different than that of normal chapatis we make

Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Noted down the names🤍

And now going to check with few of our acquaintances, beside looking it up on-line.

Looks more 'saatvik' and mellow for the digestive tract too.💙

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Jolada rotti with yennegai ( brinjal gravy) and hesarukalu palya (green gram) with some fresh raw methi leaves cucumber salad is delicious...

Ragi should be cooked well in whatever preparation it is used. If not it can cause indigestion n bloating...

Ragi dosa:

Ragi flour 3 or 4 cups

urad dal (soaked n grinded)batter 1 cup

Salt as per taste n always add it just before preparing dosas...applies to normal dosa batter too...

Mix this n keep it for an hour or so, not more than that, it turns sought of sour...

Additionally add

Onion finely chopped

Green chillies finely chopped

Carrot grated 1-2tbsp

Make dosas, cook it both sides properly....serve it some tomato or peanut chutney, best breakfast for weight conscious people... IMG20221214194249  

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