PNG Gas Stove designed by PCRA: Availability

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PCRA has designed a separate gas stove to be dedicatedly used for PNG (Piped Gas) customers. This is going to result in huge saving of fuel. It is mentioned on the website that the technology has been handed over to the manufacturers and they've started the manufacturing process.

Is anyone aware as to when these stoves would be available by reputed manufacturers??


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Any inputs dimers?

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Image not clear. Please share link.
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Hey Keviv

I have some experience on PNG gas stoves. I used to think that PNG gas stoves are super complicated, but it is not actually the case. As PNG has a much lower calorific value than LPG, you need a larger quantity of PNG to generate a similar output by a lesser quantity of LPG. As a result, the flowrate of gas must be higher in PNG gas stoves compared to the LPG ones. Gas nozzles with a larger diameter are needed in PNG gas stoves. I have converted my Prestige gas stove for PNG by following these guidelines by Stovepedia and it is working well. 

However, on thing that catches my attention is the BIS certification mentioned on the document you have shared. I do not think such gas PNG stoves would be available in near future as their market is tiny compared to LPG gas stoves. Maybe, you could try it and share some feedback? You could also send an email to [email protected] mentioned on the document for further details.

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