Possibility of a Swiggy-ICICI Credit Card?

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Swiggy last year opened its own e-wallet service called ‘Swiggy Money’. Powered by ICICI Bank, it opens automatically for ICICI customers who have done their KYC with the bank through a simple OTP. It can then be funded accordingly.

Might this be a precursor – Amazon style – to launch a CC in partnership with the bank? Their direct competitor Zomato has tested the waters with the ‘RBL Bank Edition Cards’, and Swiggy have also launched their loyalty program called ‘Super’ with several tiers in the reward structure.

If there is a CC on the horizon, I hope it’s a LTF one. Would be good to keep in the wallet to attain one of the Super tiers, if nothing else.

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i have had swiggy money since quite a few years i think, not just last year.

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