What's your Preferred Audio Device?

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I've got a Google Pixel which doesn't have 3.5mm jack.

I prefer wired devices because they have the best call quality with a mic near the mouth, so one doesn't have to shout like in wireless devices. Wireless devices come with the convenience but primarily for listening, not calling.

My usage is 70% Calls, 30% listening to music etc. I used to use Pixel Buds A series & they had an amazing sound quality but the mic didn't suit me for calls & the design didn't fit my ears well.

I'm thinking of buying either Apple or Oneplus Type-C wired buds but not sure because I don't want to ruin the type c jack of my phone since it'll move quite a bit while moving in pocket with earphones. It's important for charging, so don't feel like risking it.

Totally confused, what do you prefer using now-a-days?

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Get a decent Type C to 3.5mm jack adapter & use a belt pouch / mobile sling bag to carry your phone.

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Tried that. It's a hit or miss, most aren't compatible.

Those that work stop sometime later.
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Type-C earphones shouldn't be a big issue as far as stress on the USB jack is concerned especially  on the move unlike when using adapters. USB-C itself is pretty robust and rated at a minimum 10k removal-insertion cycles. However  Type-C earphones are very limited. What about neckbands? 

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Never liked them.

I think I'll go for Apple or OnePlus 😔

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My laptop of course with a USB-C DAC which has TOSLINK optical / SPDIF out connected to my Logitech Z625 speakers

Thankfully my bakwas Galaxy M34 has a 3.5mm audio jack still even though I mostly use SCREEM IBEZA Pro BT earphones with it, rarely wired Panasonic ones (TCM125)

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@mainhoondon60342797 - For calls/office meetings nothing beats a purpose built headset. 

I use Jabra EVOLVE 65. Its great!

For music, I got Apple AirPods (3rd gen) and they are great. These are good for calls too!

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What I'm about to say maybe harsh. So, if you don't want to hear it, I suggest you stop reading.

This is a classic example of buying for wants rather than need.

Why would you buy a device that is not suited for your usage? You yourself say you prefer wired sound delivery and usage is primarly calls and some music.

Why even buy it if it doesn't have an audio jack port?

We should buy things for our convenience, not just because we can afford it.

I am not against extravagant purchases either. Just that it should work for us.

Sorry if I hurt your sensibilities.

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Your comment make sense but it's not applicable to me.

I bought this Google Pixel 2 years ago when my old phone suddenly broke down and I had to buy a new one.   At that point, I market researched well and the only phone that could fit my needs was a Google Pixel because I don't like Samsung with its trashy software and bloatware and all the other phones did not have a good camera.

And only budget phones in the range of under 20000 only are given a decent phone with a headphone jack but the camera quality in those is not really but I wanted. Mostly everyone is removing the headphone jacks now so it doesn't matter about which phone you are buying because none of them have a Jack.

I needed a good camera, that is the reason I bought the Pixel. Now, I cannot just buy another phone with the headphone jack if it's not good and compromise on all the other aspects like the software experience and the camera that I needed, which is why I had to buy the Pixel. And now, even though calls and music do make sense and are important to me, but they are not the sole factor upon which I would change the purchase of a device because camera quality and the software experience matter more to me than all the other things.

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