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Dear Fellow Members,

We are from different Cities of India and also from certain People being from Outside India, We are working in Different Industries I request all to share there feedback on following

1. Price Trend in the Industry they are into and specific Industry name and your view on its uptrend or down trend for next few months.

2.  Total Demand Scenario over the last period whether there is rise in demand or fall in demand based on recent past experience.

3. Any other trend which you want to provide

Example :

Chemical Industry -

1. Prices falling

2. Lack of Demand

3. Reason may be due to China low demand due to anti dumping duty.

The above is not my field but I just gave an example which may not be true. I am being in Professional Industry it is difficult to provide this kind of details, the Industry to which I relate.

How above data will be useful, It will help the People to take their Investment decision.

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