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1. Unknown entry in CIBIL
    Loan Name:- NDXP
    Loan Amount:- 700
    I checked online its loan account for unicard but I never applied it still appeared on my cibil and its status is closed. So if I dispute this will cibil remove this entry or they just keep me jumping between unicard cs and cibil cs?
how will it affect my cibil if I remove this entry or just keeping as it is?
2. My mother took a loan in 2018 and closed in 2019 now it's shown as closed in cibil and Experian but on Equifax, it's shown as active. This account is also shown on my credit score. I already talked to their cs but they can't do anything about it. The loan provider closed their office in my city. The email and contact number shown on their website are unreachable.
So my question is does anybody check Equifax and credit scores?
How will it affect my credit score if I leave this loan account as it is?
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NDXP one is Jupiter Edge I think. 

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You may have a neo-credit card like Uni Pay 1/3rd Card. UniPay has LiquiLoans as its lending partner. LiquiLoans is NDXP.

If you are using Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later service, NDXP LiquiLoans is the lending partner.


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Well yes i tried to open Jupiter pay later but was on the waiting list. So just uninstalled the app. I don't know when they opened and closed my account. Just tried to log in in the app but because of rbi rule they have stopped their services. 
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