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Which Set-top Box to choose for free dish?

What should I primarily look for while choosing the same?

Already have Dishtv connection. Do I need another antenna or will it work as it is (with or without some changes)?

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Don't aware about your DishTV connection to free dish services. 

For free dish, go to your local market and bargain with 3-4 shops. There r 2 types of setup box - 1 is SD (mpeg 2) and 2nd is HD (mpeg 4). HD have more channels and new channels are constantly adding on mpeg 4. 

We installed SD setup box 2 years ago at around 1200 which includes set up box, remote, 2 cells, LNB, Antenna and certain length afair 10 meter of cable. 

Also a installation technician will charge you 200 for his services. While installation make sure he checks for quality of signals in his device which you can also check in TV while setting up channels. 

There are alot of videos available on yt which shows different type of setup boxes ( some are yt enabled and even have USB port) and their installation processes.  Choose as per your requirement 

we bought SD box because we have to use it with Old design Samsung TV CRT type i.e. bhonpu wala😅. 

overall experience is good as my parents gets news, spritual, movies, sports channels and I am having OTT so overall good to go with life time jhanjhat free option. 

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  • In my case, I bought the STB from the local market. Nothing specific, just told I need an STB for DD Free Dish. 
  • The same antenna would work but Free Dish signals come from a different direction - so using both DishTV and Free Dish simultaneously would not be possible. I am not very sure if the same LNB would work either. 
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I thought query is about


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Confusing title 😬
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Buy HD set top box with HDMI connection.  Solid 8181 is good. 

Existing Dish satellite will work.  No alignment needed. Dishtv is 93.5 degree,  freeD2H is 95. So no realignment required.

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