query regarding add on cc

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If someone has zero cibil score. And has an add on cc .
Can he take a new credit card from a different bank on card to card basis 🤔

having No cibil score no previous credit cards

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Not possible on those basis.

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If we apply for card to card basis, we have to provide CC Statement.
But addon card holder will not get separate statement.
The Statement will be in the name of primary card holder. So not possible.

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Cibil score will not be zero, typically is at -1 for new users, to the best of my knowledge so if you have been issued a credit card and an add on card, in your name, then the credit score would be updated.else you are using some one else’s line of credit.

The first credit card is going to be difficult, so either go for a BNPL (I hate this but it’s a good choice) who will help build your cred]it score or get a card with Lien (FD based credit card) this will help start your credit score and thenapply for the card that you need or a joint vehicle loan or home loan will help build the score.

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