Query regarding Amazon a/c KYC


I have three amazon accounts, as i have three mobile numbers. One is my main account, one is mother’s main account and one more which is sort of a secondary account of mine. I have already uploaded KYC documents for my main and mother’s accounts but today i noticed for that secondary account they have locked the APay wallet. Obviously i haven’t uploaded any KYC for that account.

I’ve been told that same KYC documents can’t be used for two accounts and i don’t have anyone else in my family (father is deceased otherwise would have used that) whose documents i can upload. If it were only uploading the documents i would have used my father’s documents but that LIVE SELFIE thing has made it complicated. I won’t like to take undue advantage from other family members by asking for their documents.

What are my options here? Is there any old amazon apk lying around from which i can upload the KYC documents without the selfie?

Thanks in advance.