Query regarding hdfc millennial debit card

Deal Captain

I got my Millennial DC and i have few question regarding this card

I searched the forum but few ans were confusing and old, that's why asking here

1) are we getting 5+5% cb on direct gv buying on Smartbuy website?

2) buying gv from Park+ / Magicpin will fetch 2.5% Cb?

3) Paying CC bill directly on HDFC bill portal will fetch 2.5% cb? In how many days CC bill payment CB points reflect in acc?

any other tips to maximize benefit from this card

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Flame Flame
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1) This is very confusing. Some users are claiming since february they are not getting 5+5% cb instead they are getting only 2.5% cb.

2) Not sure.

3) 90-120 days. 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Yes, no smartbuy benefits and only 2.5% cb. That's it. What are they smoking, I don't know.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Refer this post and you will understand good:)

HDFC GYFTR is a total mess | DesiDime

already clearly explained by 1sardarKhan (credits to him)

Sam702 hope that helps you out in understanding it

 you too also check it:) might help you as well:)

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Thank bro for the link

Any idea about 2 & first part of 3 of my post ?

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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@abhishek012 your input plz , specially for point 2

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Milna toh chahiye. 😬

By the way 5% and 2.5% combined cb max 400 per month.

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