[Query] Two-wheeler Insurance for new vehicle (number plate not yet generated)


I booked TVS Jupiter 125 (Disc) yesterday and didn't opt for insurance from the dealer because the price was too high when checked from Acko and Go Digit.

I've a few queries as I've never done this for a brand new vehicle. City in consideration is Pune.

- Which insurance company to go for? I was thinking of going ahead with Acko.
- Should I go for 1 year own damage along with 5 years of third party or simply go for 5 years third party? I was thinking of opting for the first one (1 year own damage + 5 years third party) as the jump in premium isn't that big.
- What should I keep the IDV as? The cost that I had paid or something lesser or more than that?
- If I go with Acko, I saw that on Amazon Pay also I can purchase from Acko insurance, so, is it any different from Acko's website? If yes, what's better, from Acko's website or Amazon Pay?

Please do add anything else noteworthy.

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Cred has better prices compared to amazon

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I bought from cred only, it offered me godigit, it was cheaper than other platforms

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godigit insurance is still available?

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