Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama in 4K

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I have tried to contact the authorities and their replayed.
I think dimers has to come forward and spread the word and make it popular to get it on OTT and other platforms.

Dear sir/madam

Thank you for your enquiry or message via our contact form or official website.

Please note that we are not able to reply individually
to personal questions or enquiries as stated in the form.

If you would like the digitally remastered version to be screened in your city,
or if you have any other requests for the same, please send us the form below.


the film is licensed to film festivals, other screening events, film
distributors, cinemas and educational institutions wishing to screen the
film in countries around the world.
At the moment, no permission is granted for private screenings and we do not offer any cooperation for free screenings.
The film will not be distributed on TV, OTT or DVD/Bluray until the film has been screened well.

To receive updates on the release of the digitally remastered version and other information about the work,
please join our official Google Group by sending the form above,
and/or follow the official accounts below.

【Official SNS accounts】

If you have any personal reviews or comments about the film,
please comment here or other SNS websites with the hashtag
#RamayanaAnime and/or #TheLegendOfPrinceRama.

each official SNS account and your comments and shares are very
important for the realisation of screenings in your area. Unfortunately, the number of followers on each of those accounts is still very small, arround or less than 3,000. In
India, for example, you would need at least dozens of followers to get
Indian distributors interested in distributing your film.The kind cooperation of fans for this film is important.

Best Regards,
TEM Co., Ltd.

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I have already contacted them about ott release before many months when they released 4k but i got same reply. Maybe there is not much awareness for this best anime film of indian history.

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techgeek007 wrote:

I have already contacted them about ott release before many months when they released 4k but i got same reply. Maybe there is not much awareness for this best anime film of indian history.

we have to spread the words and tell others to like their social media handles so they will start release on OTT
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Got a mail

Dear sir/madam in the fan group for the Ramayana anime

Thank you for your support of "Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama".

We would like you to participate in the online hashtag campaign.
Please include the hashtag #RamayanaAnimeInCinema and tag your city/region name and your favourite cinema, when you share or comment on any of the posts below, or post your own.


have received a lot of questions regarding the release date of the

digitally remastered version in India. No official date has been set,

we are working hard to make TV and/or online streaming happen by the

end of the year. Before that, we will try to get as many cinema

screenings of the film across India as possible.

We have received many requests to see the digitally remastered version on the big screen in cinemas.
According to the questionnaires we received, 78.6% of respondents would like to do so at the moment.
This is more than the percentage of those who would like to watch the film on OTT or TV.

is also the wish of the late Yugo Sako ji and the late Ram Mohan ji and

other production staffs that the film should be enjoyed in cinemas.


the major film distributors are basically interested in distributing

new and big releases of Indian and Hollywood films and not in

distributing old films which are already widely distributed.
Also, as

you know, there is an accumulation of new films that they want to

screen while the cinemas are not operating much due to the Covid.
So the priority for them to show the old films is even lower we think.


it is necessary to make the major distributors and the major multiplex

chains, as well as the regional distributors and cinemas,
aware of how much demand there is for the digitally remastered version of the film to be shown in cinemas.

questionnaires that you have answered will help us to talk to them, but

we still need more. And we believe that this hashtag campaign will be

as effective as like a petition to them.

And please kindly follow our account on each SNS and share the same with your friends.


kindly note that this time the digitally remastered version of the film

is available in only the original English dubbed version,
which was completed to produce in 1992 and released at a film festival in India in 1993.
The dubbed version in other languages such as Hindi will be considered in the future.

If you are an event organizer or a cinema company wishing to screen the film,a television channel wishing to broadcast the film in India,or any other corporation or organization wishing to use it,
please contact us using the form below.

Best Regards,
TEM Co., Ltd.

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