RBL Card Transaction Confirmation sms or email alerts not receiving

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Dear RBL Credit Card Holders I am facing issue with card transaction confirmation sms & email alerts not receiving

already tried to report to customer care 022-62327777 first 2 times they not take request mentioned there is some n/w, server issue kindly wait next 72 hours. Recently I again requested to check & find the exact issue why I am not receiving alerts Request No - xxx i placed but every time it gets closed without any communication mentioned as every alerts sent from there records but i can feel sms not delivered some times but email also not received seems there is some technical issue.

My both requests got closed immediately without single communication.I am now receiving below alerts as experience.

1. After entering card details i am receiving first OTP alerts sms & email - No issue

2. Transaction confirmation alerts vide Transaction completed with Available limit/Consumed limit over sms/email - Not receiving single alerts till now from RBL Card

3.Repayment Bills alerts sms & email - No issue (Receiving after Transaction settlement after 2 working days)

Here 2nd points I already raised with there grievance team feels they are Very lazy till now no clue.

Anyone have experience same 

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brother, rbl is like a wife, you have to cajole, console, altercate and adjust, you should have all these qualities otherwise you can't continue to be their partner. I shared my experience smile

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