realme give you 10 Lacs, if u have any Genius UPI ideas on your mind?

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realme PaySa UPI Hackathon

realme soon launch PaySa UPI app, if you have any Genius UPI ideas on your mind? Dive in, register now -

Presenting the realme PaySa UPI Hackathon 2020, in association with NPCI and HDFC bank.

First Prize - Cash prize of INR 10,00,000 (5L at onsite round and 5 after the project goes live)

Second Prize - Cash prize of INR 5,00,000 (2.5L at onsite round and 2.5L after the project goes live)

Why Realme PaySa UPI Hackathon?

We are amazed at the growth of UPI, quick adoption by the Indian consumers and the exponential growth in digital payments that is yet to come. Mobile payment is one of the main pillars of our financial services platform and we are studying UPI closely. We strongly believe that our long terms success depends on our ability to consistently innovate and solve real-life problems or make life better. With the UPI Hackathon event, we plan to identify new solutions, use cases and co-create the future of UPI in India. NPCI and HDFC Bank, with their deep experience in digital payments, are supporting us to identify the next best disruptive innovations. We think we can do better when we do it together.

What is UPI Hackathon all about & theme kya hai?

Dream, conceptualize the storyline, share the story, convince us that the story will truly change India, show a willingness to implement, take our support to make the proof of concept and with a bit of luck, win the grand prize. Really simple, isn’t it?

The theme is to work with UPI as the base payment service/platform and provide very innovative or crazy solutions that either make life simpler, save costs, help solve a problem or bring new business opportunities. It could be for individuals or small businesses or it could be useful to urban or rural India.

You could be a student, a start-up with a solution, employees working in very large companies, a payment company or a coder, we are all ears! Please read the document carefully to read the rules of the game.

Koi clue milega or ideas or problems? We are raring to register our idea!

We have listed below some themes and ideas as indicators of what could be potential areas of work. You may have very different thoughts or themes.

Customer Registration to UPI: How to make it simpler registering the next 300 million Indians to UPI? Is there a way to make the process even simpler, easier & more secure? How could UPI be used by other devices & platforms such as smartwatches or smart TVs?
QR Code penetration: How could we have a QR code everywhere and what could be done to improve the QR scan and pay journey?
Lending: UPI provides a solid platform for consumer & SME finance. How could we provide loans more easily and cheaper to users? Can UPI help in repayment, collections, credit scores?
Investments: India is a country of savers. How could the UPI platform be used to start micro-investments in mutual funds, gold or maybe other instruments?
B2B solutions using UPI: Many businesses are constantly transacting and paying other businesses. How could UPI add value to some use cases in specific sectors such as FMCG, pharma, retail, telecom, agriculture, etc.
Security and fraud prevention: How could we protect the customer from fraud and increase security without impacting the user experience?
Education & digital payment literacy: How could we educate the next 300mn Indians about UPI in a simple, cost-effective and easy way?
Physical shops/retailers / small mobile businesses: How to onboard a merchant to UPI in less than 5 mins with a very simple DIY process? What other value-added services can they receive or give leveraging UPI?
E-commerce / Digital commerce: How to increase the penetration of UPI with the millions of small and big businesses in the digital space and how to make UPI the preferred mode of payment?
Public transport and government services: How to leverage UPI to make access to public transport simple and easy or transaction for government services easier?
Rural India or Tier 2/3/4 cities: Any specific solutions for cities where penetration of digital payments is limited?

Kuch background on UPI, to help you get started with your research

I am eager to participate, rules of the game kya hai?

Any Indian resident or entity registered in India can participate. The size of the team registering for the event should not exceed 5 members and once you enter the contest, teams cannot change the members.