Refrigerator exchange on Fk

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I am looking to exchange old refrigerator for a new with fk, looking for answers from all who has bought in exchange with fk.

It is worth going or avoid? As heared rejection rate is high

Ppl who come to take the old refrigerator are the same fk delivery people or people who deal in old refrigerator/technician/engineer?

Do they properly inspect the fridge or just see the outer body and whether it working or not?

If at all the exchange doesn’t happens and I cancel the order bcoz of this, can this lead to blocking of account by any chance?

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Only Flipkart representatives will come for old fridge pickup. (Personally not tried but heard from friends)
I have tried with amazon and its very good.. he just checked its working condition only. Later i have asked where it will go.. they said it will go to scrap yard and parts will be resold based on condition.
You can get better price if you sell it via olx/quikr. I don’t think flipkart is good in terms of exchange.