refund not credited by woohoo

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Hello janta

I made a purchase of ₹300 worth of amazon e pay gift card on 02-06-2023 but the order was cancelled subsequently and the payment got deducted.

I got a message stating the refund will be issued within 2-3 days
But 5 days have been passed but i have not recieved any cashback yet

I called the cc and they said that they have credited the cashback amount but i have not recieved anything
Also the transaction is not even showing in my transaction tab on the woohoo website ..

I paid by  freerecharge UPI

IMG20230607142043Edit : got the refund
Note : new comers having same issue pls check your bank statement Woohoo might have credit you as the refund is not showing in
UPI app .
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Mail them at 


Avant Garde Avant Garde
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Mine also not received

Avant Garde Avant Garde
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When did u ordered?
And what's the issue?
What can be done?
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Upi refunds are generally quick , i always got them within 48 hours. Since you have the order id , contact them over email and quote it bhai. They would look into it. Their payment mechanism is pathetic , maybe built that way deliberately to keep user funds with themselves for as long as possible.

Avant Garde Avant Garde
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I am just conference about my money as there is no reference of that order on their website
I just have that sms
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I know this is a old thread but I got into the same situation. I purchased via debit card but payment deducted and order did not place but did not get the refund yet , it has been 2 days. anyone has any idea how long does it take for the refund to be credited back ?  cc says the refund has been processed.

anyone could help me with their opinion would be much appreciated.

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