Regalia benefits offered by hdfc sales agent

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I received a call from an HDFC salesperson from Linden house offering the Regalia credit card. They offered following features:

  • 40% hike on existing limit of current cc of 2.97 lakh = 3.5 - 4 lakh, 
  • benefits like up to 30% discount on online purchases, 
  • up to 20% discount on offline shopping, and
  • 16 free airport lounge visits (8 domestic and 8 international). 
  • Additionally, there's a 10% discount on train and bus bookings, and 
  • 5% cashback on electricity payments. 
  • I said I've heard Regalia offers 12 complimentary airport lounge visits 
  • He said it's now updated & not available on google
  • I requested a brochure or the HDFC website URL with the same offer to see the details in writing. 
  • The salesperson offered to send an executive, but I declined, insisting on seeing the offer documented on the website. He mentioned he would inform his seniors but I haven't heard back yet.
  • Are the benefits he claimed true?
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Take everything in writing from official email id and verify it over the website.

Mostly, sales folks will tell lot of lies just to complete the targets

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Regalia Credit Card has 6 international lounge visits in a year via Priority Pass membership & 12 domestic lounge access via credit card. All other benefits written may be temporary UPTO discount offers and UPTO discounts on overpriced merchants which is always available with all cards. up to 20% discount is on dine-in restaurant bill payments via Swiggy Dineout which may be misquoted here

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10% discount on train??

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