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Hi dimers, i am curious to know that why any company’s social media team is much better in problem solving as compared to their own dedicated complaint resolution mechanism?
Is it because of sheer volume of complaint received?

Any complaint raised on their platform takes more than stipulated time whereas those made on social media gets immediate attention. Even if problem is shared on dm they promptly respond.

Is social media team much efficient than complaint team on their own platform? Or work is actually in process by internal complaint solving team and social media team takes their credit?

Please share your views.

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Just damage control, reputation issue
Complaints on social media gets public attention, any negative comments thr ruins brand reputation

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Public shame always works be it an individual or a company.
And social media team doesn’t resolve any issues. They just delegate it to the resolution team just like customer care would do. Just that priority is higher for social media team forwarded issues.

Kolkata Knight Riders Kolkata Knight Riders
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😀Twitter is the best tool .

I am on Twitter just to register my complaint for the services of companies which i am using like Banking,Ecommerce.

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