Return policy is a sham

Deal Newbie

The product i ordered didn’t match the photo. Photos seems very much photoshopped.In reality it looks nothing like the photo. The quality looked inferior with respect to the price. I immediately decided to return it. But i never knew the return policy was a sham. The person who came to pick the product was asking for a tag. I showed him that there was a tag attached to it. To that he said that that was not the one he was looking for. He was looking for a different tag. But i told him that i had received the product in this way only. There was a tag on which a sticker with the product detail was stuck. I thought that this was the tag but nothing could put sense into his biased mind. They harrassed me like anything. Ultimately left the product with me. It is lying with me for more than 12 days and Myntra closed the issue saying resolved!! This was cheating!!