Returning a Order partially purchased using EMI

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Guys, I bought Redmi note 10 pro and Noise pulse watch using no cost HDFC credit card emi on Amazon. Noise smart watch is not up to the mark and raise to wake feature is totally not working. I replaced the Smart watch but same problem on replaced watch also. So I need to return the watch.

I am ordering first time using EMI. So not sure how they give refund. Watch cost is 1599. Can someone please explain how to proceed. TIA

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guest_999 wrote:

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No experience, but some guess work.

The refund as per terms will be credited to card used for EMI, and how this refund is treated by the bank is upto the bank policy. You may check with bank and seek clarity.

In case of online EASYEMI transactions done at merchant websites, if refund done by the merchant is greater than 90.01% of EASYEMI Prinicipal Outstanding on Credit Card, then EMI Loan will be pre-closed. Interest charged as part of EMIs already posted to the card will not be reversed. Since EMI will be preclosed, EASYEMI preclosure Interest charges (as applicable) will be levied to the card, e.g. the Customer is in 3rd month of EMI, and the statement date is 25th of every month. If the loan gets preclosed on 19th November, then interest for 25th October to 19th November will be levied as ‘Preclosure Interest charges’. However, If the refund amount from the merchant is less than 90.01% of EASYEMI Principal Outstanding, then the EMI Loan will not get pre-closed. In such cases, the balance EASYEMI Prinicipal outstanding will be reduced to the extent of the refund, and EMI for the remaining tenures will be reduced.

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They will refund to you, but 199+gst will levied from your account

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guest_999 wrote:

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the money refunded would be considered as payment to you cc or emi. And EMI will be still active. But in this case to have to bear the loss for interest amount charged by your bank

However i would suggest you to cross verify with the bank & merchant.

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Process is same as non-emi order, only refund will be after deductions like No cost emi adv interest given2u..etc