Dimer Of The Year 2014

The bill, which now awaits President Ram Nath Kovind’s assent, will grant greater powers to the Centre in deciding the terms of the chief information commissioners (CICs) and information commissioners (ICs) at both the central and state levels.

According to the RTI Act of 2005, the CIC and ICs at the central and state level will hold office for a term of five years , while the amendments specify that the Centre will in fact notify the terms of both the CIC and the IC

The Bill also removes provisions of the salary of the CIC and IC being equivalent to those of the CEC and election commissioners at the central level and to those of the election commissioners and the chief secretary at the state level. It will now be determined by the government , according to the proposed amendments.

If the CIC or IC has been receiving pension , the government can, according to the amendment, revise or downgrade their salaries to match the amount of pension they receive.

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