s23 ultra users suggestion


recently purchased a s23 ultra

what charger is best for this device

and which case / cover you guys are using 

please recommend

apart from this any tips would be helpful too 

please share the links

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Charger - any GaN charger above 45 watt. Or Samsung 45 watt charger. 

Case - spigen armour case 

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Buy an Samsung made compatible charger only to save battery longevity.

Any case is fine just make sure that its not hard to transmit drop momentum to phone.

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the issue is samsung provides a 25w capable usb cable in the box, so you will have to purchase both 45w charger plus cable otherwise it will charge at slow speed with the default usb cable

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25W Vs 45W Samaung chargers do not make huge difference in charging S23 Ultra.

It is hardly few mins for 0 to 100% charge. For initial fast charge till 50% also difference is not big.

Hence go with 25W Samsung charger which is available on Samsung Corporate site for ₹ 962

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