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Request all of you please like and retweet, Faced an issue with ordering a fridge thru Samsung shop app, item recd damaged by logistics partner and forced to push accept the item. They're not replacing and cancelled. Enjoy my money and now refund in a week. To gain traction, I posted this on twitter, request you to like n retweet for engagement so that these big brands wake up.

Delhivery marked item received as DAMAGED still send across the damaged item to my address for delivery knowing fully well that the item is damaged. No one from top mgmt came to engage me to explain. They went ahead and cancelled. Am I ordered to get it cancelled? They enjoying my money for a fortnight. If they're knowing the item damaged at courier end, they could have replaced with another instead of cancelling. Unprofessional business ethics, request you stand with me if I am right.
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Samsung refunds take up to one month happened to me when my order got canceled it took 1 month to get the refund 

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