Taxi scam, ODOMETER scam

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Hi guys ,

Just wanted to let you know there is a scam running for taxi cars which are not part of uber/ola .
Modus operandi is  you book 80km /8 hr package after about half way in the journey they have a button with which they change the digital Trip meter reading by atleast 20 to 30km. 

First time i was a victim to it but 2nd time i kept on checking and when i told the guy it was 44km earlier how is it 70km. He said maybe some loose connection and after few mins it was back to original reading .
Hence if you use Savaari or etc where app is not tracking the route keep an eye on the the google maps kms vs the actual u have run.

Hope this post is useful
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F#ke Taxi was way ahead of its time and alerted us blush

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In India, Salary income is so much on lower side that everybody adopts corrupt practices whenever they get chances. Corruption is everywhere in India.

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