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my Folks have one of those (inane😔) refrigerators that form the ice-cubes elsewhere in the upper deck and then drop them to the freezer zone tray.

Similar to this but a Hitachi one, bought 7-7¼ years back.

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‏‏Maa kept informing of how (since 5-6 days) the unit stopped dropping the ice cubes and even the water caddy/ cassette never seemed to release the water filled in it.


To me it seemed like some component failure, but parents informed that sometimes a little water seeps through in the ice cube collection try (in the freezer).

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So this obviously seemed like a case of old era refrigerators that needed ‘defrosting’.

General consensus was to switch OFF the whole fridge over-night.

After 11 hours of keeping it off and 3-4 hours after restarting.

The sound of a large chunk falling came, which upon investogation … turned out as expected.

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Being something that wasn’t really user serviceable, i had initially suggested lodging an official complaint to Hitachi.

And their visit charges alone are ₹500.

Not to mention the risks of them saying that XYZ  component needs to be replaced.

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