SBI Cashback unusable on Amazon for GIft card payments in second account

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"The card has been added to your Wallet but will not be available for use for this purchase."

I keep seeing this error from my second accounts every time I try to use my SBI Cashback CC on Amazon for gift card purchases. 

I have exhausted Apay gift card limit in my main account(monthly limit of some 30k amount using cashback card) but I was hoping that I would be able to use my SBI cashback card in second account at least, have rules changed recently? Please share your experience in above situation.

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@abhishek012 please guide here ...

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Credit card payment is disabled in some amazon accounts (like me, I've faced the problem recently). Don't know how to overcome it.

Please Visit

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Gift Card purchases are monitired so strictly by Amazon,

And so using Same Cards in 2 accounts is bad strategy!!

Try alternative routes to get GC at offer

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Are you suggesting that if I use the same credit card in more than 1 Amazon account, Amazon will block all Amazon accounts?

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This is supposed to be like this only as per terms and conditions

You have misunderstood terms

If you want to use cb card in different accounts then apply add on cards and use different card and every different accounts

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