SBI's Debit Card with 0 AMC

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I just visited SBI's websites & saw that they don't charge anything for a new card issuance. Effectively, every card is FYF & the fee is charged for every debit card from the second year onwards.

Doesn't that give the user an option to close the card exactly before the first year ends/charges are deducted & get a new one issued for free, thereby making it effectively free?

This is just a quick & random thought. I haven't read the fine prints & might be missing something.

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Anyways Qrtrly intrest credited = rs. 300 

Db charges = 200 + gst.

Sms charges=  50+ gst

Eod = balance juss ka tasss..

Banks relieved happy.!!

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I am happy even if I don't get another card & just be without a card 😝

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Thanks you your post remind that I have SBI bank account. Will tomorrow go to bank for closing bank or upgrade to minor to main branch 

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You can cancel card for 2 times before amc reflecting in statement, from 3rd time it will show you error and you won't be able to raise new card request. 

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