Seeking Advice: SBI Prime Credit Card Pizza Hut Voucher Redemption Process

Hello respected DesiDime Community,
     I recently achieved a quarterly milestone with my SBI Prime Credit Card and received 1000 Pizza Hut vouchers as a reward. While I'm thrilled about this, I'm a bit uncertain about the redemption process. I've heard that these vouchers can only be redeemed at Pizza Hut stores, but I'm not sure if they are currently accepted there. Has anyone used these vouchers recently?

    If so, could you please guide me through the redemption process? I'd greatly appreciate any advice or tips from those who have experience with these vouchers. Your insights will be incredibly helpful in making the most of this reward. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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Bro goto any pizza hut store and say that you'll be paying via voucher. Then dine at the outlet and while payment share voucher. They will redeem . If they deny say that you have already used earlier a few times.

They have a provision to enter gift card in the POS machine. Happy dining

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