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A private hospital in Vijayawada city is not following COVID guidelines and allowing people inside their hospital without even checking the temperature of the people.Some of the staff in that hospital are not even wearing masks also.Further,that hospital is blatantly looting people by charging 500 Rs as doctor consultation for one day and also asking 500 Rs again as consultation fees even if patient goes on next day.This hospital did not even mention about this sick rule of pay everyday during our first visit.Our second visit was to report about the side effect caused by the improper medicine prescription of their doctor and still they were so much stubborn to loot.This hospital is looting middle class people like anything by demanding consultation fees for everyday when the standard practice in the city is doctor fees validity of 15-30 days in other hospitals in Vijayawada.They are trying to loot many other patients in the same way.Middle class are already suffering economically a lot due to COVID.

Where should we complain about this issue?

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longlivesonusood wrote:

Then you are safe,this is a local reputed(actually overrated) private hospital in Vijayawada.

Which hospital I’m frm vja

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Why don’t you mention the hospital name in the main post?

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cm4444 wrote:

If you didn’t like the fact that they charged 500/- when you went there next day, and that they’re ‘looting’ middle class people, then go to those ‘other hospitals of vijayawada’ (that you mentioned in your post) next time.
A 10th pass plumber charges 500 for fixing two taps and no one has any issues, a doctor who spent so many years studying asks for 500 and people start feeling they’re being looted.

If you’d like to complain due to poor infection control practices, then you can do so to the DHO or to NABH if hospital is NABH Accredited.

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