Share your internet bandwidth and earn!!!


Anyone heard of honeygain or similar type of app/website??
I have read 1 news article and found this.

Brief of honeygain

what is hineygain?

Honeygain is a suite of applications for your Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices that lets you make money. Launched back on May 24, 2019, it is the world’s first crowdsourced web intelligence network with open access for participation. It is considered the best passive money making app compared to all other similar network-based solutions

How Can You Make Money Using Honeygain?

After you install Honeygain, it will start sharing your unused data with the Honeygain network. And depending on the amount of data you share, Honeygain will start making money for you even while you sleep. Honeygain pays its network members $1 for every 10GB of shared data. The best part is that it doesn’t have any noticeable impact on your network performance as it intelligently shares data depending on your usage.

If anyone knows about it then share your review, is it even legit?

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Any review ?

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It might be using it for vpn

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Yes, they will use ur bandwidth via vpn asper the article.

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Another Bitcoin mining website?
It might take months to reach the PayOut target unless you got a high-end CPU+GPU

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And adding to above, most of the times, ISP’s terms may be drafted against such usage, so it could be another area of trouble.

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I have installed this app last month in my unused phone. I have r ached 11$ till now. Let’s if I can reach 20$(minimum redemption) this month.

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so how much data was shared to earn $1 and how many days for each $1

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Here is something I got from googling

What do companies do with your bandwidth?
Have you heard of CDNs or Cloud Delivery Networks? In simple terms, CDN is a networking concept that allows for a website to be hosted at multiple locations.

Generally, say a website is hosted in a server in USA, then users from India will need more time to access the website. On the other hand, CDN will allow for the same version of the website to be stored in multiple locations. So in Little Saves case, we use CDN. Users from USA will be able to access from a server in US and users from India will be able to access it from a server in Mumbai.

Here is how Honeygain works using this concept. Instead of one server hosted at a central location, Honey gain harnesses the power of multiple mobiles and computers from users like you and me. The mobiles provide bandwidth, while computers provide the computational power for their CDN to work. When all of our devices are pooled together, Honeygain is able to create a CDN which is a lot more powerful and cheaper than running a server.

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No reputed CDN company will ever depend on random users for the network; So either this app is just a low cheap unreliable cdn, or most prolly it’s just a vpn (worse). In any case, it’s gonna land the user in trouble if any illegal activity happens via his network.

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This post should be deleted. In the previous days too, dimers have posted about Honeygain trying to get referrals and their posts were deleted.

Do not use this app just because you can earn free money. It can land you into trouble later on. Do a search on Reddit for honeygain and you will notice the real truth and the nightmares faced by users after using it.

@MJ911 @Rosh_0007 @admin

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Neither have i posted that i own honeygain account nor i asked for any referal gain.
I read a post so asked dimers if anyone is using ,can share their experience, if its legit or not.

Its just for some knowledge for me and for other dimers.

News can be negative/positive but that doesn’t mean it should be deleted.

If this is bad post then still its good coz it helps dimers to avoid this app/website.

Your review definitely help me and others, thanks for sharing bro.

Rest admins know better, if its against posting rules ,they offcourse can delete this. blush

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