Share your Upvote and Bookmarking Strategy in DesiDime

Deal Cadet

As relatively new here, and from what I have learned I will share mine first

For Deals

I Upvote most of the deals that work for me  and also Upvote potential posts that could work for other dimers even if I couldn't claim the deal
I rarely bookmark a deal and only do it when I think a potential workaround or trick can be found for the deal
( I see many of the dimers tag each other if any tricks are found please consider tagging me too next time)

For Discussion

Here I Upvote and Bookmark all discussion which I find curious and I think should reach as many dimers it can

Strangely I have seen in some of my discussions, dimers only bookmark it without upvoting it as which would only make less engagements on the respective posts

Looking forward to your strategy

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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it is a great strategy, my submarine order is pending from Adolf Hitler as he went into hiding, his assistant Mr. Schwartz told me its delayed due to Storm in Indian Ocean.

After I receive the order World will be in my hands. Nice strategy

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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It's time to get up from your parallel universe

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