Shopuli- Pathetic Customer Support, Thief, Scammers, Fraudsters!!

Deal Cadet

Highly Unprofessional. Fraud. Treats customers as if some road side mumbaiya vendors speaks to their customers in slang when you ask for returns/refunds. Don’t fall prey to the lowest prices on products they sell on their site. You might end up waiting for a 2-3 months while you money is help up at thier end. You will end up calling and emailing them hundreds of time and they wont bother replying or feel the courtesy to even attend to you. I wish there was an option of marking a company negative 5 points on a review, if there was such an option ? it could have had suited just fine for shopuli. Very highly not recommended for online shopping. If you are in need of mental stress and agony please do buy from shopuli and when faced with an issue ? call up customer support and ask for Ashwin and you would be treated just fine to feel extremely stressed out after listening to his finely polished tapori vocabulary which might contain a few vulgar words but thats fine, you got to pay for your mistakes. Wont you ?

P.S – I am the first one to review shopuli on this website. There might be some fake positive reviews coming up just after my review goes up to cover up their **s. So? Beware!

-5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 in every expects.

My two cents….