Slice - Making transaction of 3L to make 2% reward and then reverse

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Deal Subedar

Hi guys

I have around 2.1L monies right now (which bring 1% reward rate)

I’m thinking of ordering something costly on amazon to earn another 3L monies that would bring reward rate to 2%.

After redeeming the monies, I’d cancel the amazon transaction.

How would slice reverse the earn monies? What is slice’s policy on this?

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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Why are u doing this false practice?

Royal Challengers Bangalore Royal Challengers Bangalore
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If you have already used the Monies you’ll be charged the amount which you converted to monies. This is what usually happens atm but not sure what happens when u redeem 2% option. I’d rather suggest you to just use it normally and not risk the 2.1L monies you’ve earned. 

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Its simple, they will charge the amount equal to reward and will give back the remaining amount, so at the end you will get back the same amount.

Hotshot Hotshot
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everyone above my comment is wrong. your monies balance will go into negative so if you earn any subsequent monies due to transactions you will see your total as 0 only until you earn 2.90lakh monies.

This is standard procedure but they have clause in their t&c which says they can put monies earned by fraudulent transaction onto your bill.

in the end i wouldn’t suggest you to do so it is bad practice and you will be proved wrong easily if case escalates.

How do i know this? see below.

better option is to keep earning honestly the reward rate doesn’t become 2% the monies you earned their value becomes 2x

for ex 5lakh monies = 10,000.
3 lakh monies = 4500.
keep earning.

if i redeem these 3k monies above 5lk their value is 60rs rather than 30.
hope u understand now.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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they will also cancel you cashback monies after refund 🤣

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