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Slice senior secured bond - wint wealth - investing suggestions

Deal Subedar

Hi, I have recently come across this senior secured bond by slice nbfc. Wanted to understand if anyone has invested in similar kind of bonds and/or planning to invest in this ? Thanks

The following income generating Senior Secured bonds are being issued by the NBFC – Quadrillion Finance Private Limited (Slice) of a tenor of ~12 months.

Principal Repayment ~ Every 4 months

Interest Payment ~ Every 4 months

Minimum Investment ~ ₹10,000

Issue Size ₹ 40 Cr

Collateral Type Personal loans given to salaried people

Collateral Size 1.2X of asset size

NBFC Rating CARE BBB+(Outlook: Stable)


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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Sorry thought of posting in Finance section. Please move it if appropriate place to post this. Thanks

Crowdpuller Crowdpuller
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Anything below AA rating is a no no…

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Its not bad. After tax 11.5% IRR is good. Slice won’t default atleast for succh a short maturity

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