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Small help regarding bike transport through railway route

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Hi all, hope all are doing fine. Has anyone transported the 2 wheeler through the route of railways? Has anyone done it recently? How it goes, does all trains provide the facility? How was it with the safety/handling of the vehicle? Was it in good condition after delivery in the destination station? How much they charge for certain distance? 

Please let me know in comments section. I appreciate your valuable time and valuable inputs. Thanks.

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Go for some private courier... Most of the railway parcel offices are full of touts... The fair is cheap.... But all the bribe money here and there will make it almost equal to private courier charges.... Bribe from.. Loader to unloader to packer to rpf people.... It goes on... And handling is bhagwan bharose.... 

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Has anybody got first hand experience of this treatment. Don't feel comfortable using railway parcel after listening to these narratives. So someone kindly throw some light.
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Make sure ur tank and engine is empty of fuel before loading
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I had a Pulsar 150 transported via railway in 2018, no problems whatsoever. The origin was a small town along the train route and destination was Mumbai. Had to pay somewhere between 1000 and 2000 for a 1500km journey. The condition was perfect, but I don't know who packed it. My uncle got someone at the station to wrap it up.

You have to collect the receipt and show it at the destination to retrieve the vehicle. Very very painless process overall.

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I had a Kinetic Honda transported multiple times between 2004-2007 from Hyderabad to Katpadi. Never had any issues. You have an option of getting it well packed at the station. Very reliable and fast service.

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Packing and all other handling will be done by railway team? Is it for specific trains? Does all trains allow the parcelling? How long will it take to give the bike at source and pick up at destination?

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Chala ke le ja. Mast mausam hai you will enjoy. Paisa bhi bachega. Serious. 

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Go with railway parcel service quote less price for bike then amount wil be less give 100 extra they wil do good packing
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Recently i have used railway courier service.
Distance - 180+ km
Price : Rs 350
Packing: rs500 (optional)

Fast delivery Low cost

Too much Time consuming..
Lots of forms filling.
Lots of checking (RPF,Officer..etc)
RC book holder should present/or someone with same address 
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Thanks. I want to travel myself in the same train where bike packed to. Is it possible like that? How many hours before should I be present at station? Is it recommenable to do all the docs verification stuff day before and travel next day? 

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It is even possible to book a bike and travel on the same train as a passenger if you have some travel planned. You may have to ensure that the bike gets loaded though - should be easy in less crowded places. Had read a detailed experience in Team-BHP.

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Yes, i want to do the same, want to travel myself with train.

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I've done it twice for the same vehicle.

Transported Honda Aviator from Delhi (Hazrat Nizammudin) to Pune in 2017 and in first week of July 2022 from Pune to Bengaluru (KSR Bengaluru City Jn).

Charges will vary for luggage and parcel option. For luggage, you need to have a confirmed ticket and they will load the vehicle in the same train but there's no guarantee it will be loaded or not as it will depend on various factors and the most important being if there's space left in luggage van or not. If this one's possible, it's the best way as the vehicle will be loaded in front of you and you'll unload it in front of you, so, it will be under your vigilance.

If you want to send it as parcel, it will be dispatched whenever there's an availability in any train going to your destination station. This mode is cheaper than luggage option.

Things I needed was :

RC photocopy
Aadhar copy of self and of the person whose name is on RC

Fill out multiple forms as per their direction, empty your fuel tank. In my case, someone bought the emptied fuel from me then and there. If you've friend along with you, take an empty bottle from home and it shall help your friend/relative.

Packing is an area where I feel you should be utmost careful. If possible, please get packing done by someone else nearby or get the guy along with you and get it packed. People there just pack for the sake of packing, it won't actually help your vehicle in case of an impact, it won't even help with dents and scratches if the impact is high. Also, for Rs. 450 - 600 packing, that's literally garbage piece of packing.

In my case, my front indicator light glasses were shattered from the impact, it could be while travelling, or while loading or while unloading, can't say when this might have happened. I'm not that sad as the scooty is 14 years old now, so, dents and scratches are secondary to me but damage is damage.

Final verdict :

You'll have to enquire once at your local railway station. No matter what I say, things vary from place to place. I'm saying so because at KSR Bengaluru Railway Station (SBC), there's an additional form to be filled online for vehicle having value more than Rs. 50,000.
You need to visit and gather information. What I've mentioned remain the same everywhere, luggage/parcel option. Suppose you're not available at the time of loading, if possible, make sure there's someone known available so that it's placed correctly and there's no damage at the time of loading. After the package is loaded, you'll be notified via SMS that it's been loaded in so and so train number. So, for unloading, you can track the train and be there beforehand to ensure it's unloaded carefully.

Pro tip: If you're going to book it as a luggage, do in depth analysis of what are the possibilities of vehicle getting loaded at the date of journey. Train should originate from your boarding station for maximum probability. If the train starts off at odd hour, probability is even more.

One more thing, fare varies as per distance and as per category as well, so, two-wheeler upto 150 CC fall under one category, from 150 - 300 CC another and above 300 CC is the top most category. It's obvious that a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 CC will cost more to ship as compared to Honda Activa 110/125 CC. You need to put insurance declared value in form and whatever the amount you put, 10% of it is added to your fare. I guess the amount you mention, you're bound to get that in case of any accident/mishap.
After booking you'll receive the receipt and the same receipt you need to present at the time of collecting your vehicle at destination station. And do receive your vehile within 6 hours of arrival of your vehicle at destination station since they'll charge you parking fee at the rate of Rs. 10 / hour. The more you delay, the more you pay.

Final tip: If distance is short, take care of packing from your end, don't rely on railway agents, pack as if even a bomb wouldn't be able to make dents/scratches/cracks in your vehicle and transport via train. If distance is more and your vehicle falls under above 350 CC category, better to transport via packers and movers, as they charge more or less the same amount for any distance.

Conclusion: Packing is of prime importance and ofcourse presence at the time of loading and unloading 😎
Hope this helps!

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For parcel, can't (don't) the cargo carrier (I.R. in this case) offer insurance included quotes for the same transportation?


And yes, your experience and write-up IS helpful.

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Benevolent Benevolent
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Went To Station With Friend, Smooth Experience No Problems Faced...

Asked Money Simply Said Our Money Problems Story. They Leave.

If U R Trying To Send From Town to City Ask Private Bus Travels For Price U Can Pickup At Any Destination.

In Train First Ask Available Date For Transport Because Of Less Stoppage Trains In Town. (If U Give Bribe They Will Adjust In Cargo By Queuing Other Bikes And Gives Priority To You At Any Date)

Handling Is Good , Forgot Prices, But Price Is Cheap Compared To Private. 

u have another option in form filling u can travel with bike in same train.
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If it's brand new bike go with private courier... Or spend more money on packaging and go with Railway.. Huge difference in price.. If you get it packed properly then it should be fine.. I got mine moved via Railway and got it good condition (wasted around 800 on packaging.. I personally put bubble wrap all over once completely packed near railway station) 

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Did anyone has recent experience with transporting a bike from one city to another? If so, please do share your experience - I'm planning to do it for a 1 year old bike soon.

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