Smart Plug connection error - Device Validation failed

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Hello Dimers,

I recently ordered this smartplug to check power consumption of my electrical and electronic appliances (

It was delivered today and when I try to connect it shows the following message:

'Device Validation Failed - Home already exists for given device. New home cannot be created'

I tried installing Jio Smart Device software on multiple mobile phones, changed Wifi from 5 GHz 2.5 GHz, reset the smartplug multiple times but to no avail.

Do anyone here have any idea as to how I can make this work before I raise a ticket for replacement with amazon?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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Did you reset the plug manually (usually it is by pushing the power button for 30-40 seconds until the led light start blinking)? Seems like plug is used & was setup earlier by someone else. For future reference, buy wipro plug & use Smart Life - Smart Living app (from Volcano Technology Ltd) available in playstore to control it.

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Thank you.

Yes, i did reset the plug.

I bought this as it is from a branded company as was selling for less! I guess I should have spent 100 more.

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In same price portronics 16A is available.

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Thank you.
I've raised a replacement ticket with Amazon. If the replacement doesn't work, I'll get this Portronics.
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Don't waste much of your time, someone seems returned this product after registering under their account. Go for the replacement.

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I've raised a replacement ticket with Amazon. They will be sending in the replacement tomorrow.

Thank you.
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