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So how do you think will Attack on Titan Manga end in 2 months/ how much manga final season can adapt in 6eps.

Deal Lieutenant

As someone who has been following AOT for past six years now, I started with the anime in 2015, I am really excited about  the story unfolding and ending in two more chaps. Well for those following it from the start when it came out back in 2009 , it really wud be enthralling n nerve wrecking. So what wud happen in these last 2 chaps -Will Eren go Lelouch v Brittania?
Well the rumbling has failed .
Zeke has turned his back on Eren . Has the curse of Ymir been stopped? How will Eren say his goodbyes in his final moments ?
How will he explain his plans of starting the rumbling and becoming a mass murderer?
Why he left his Eldian friends as is , when he cud control them?
There r tons of questions like these
n only 2 chaps left to come.
Only  6 more eps left in final season, how much studio Mappa wud be able to adapt , it seems only upto 117 chsps. We need another part 2 of final season to come out in 2022 n a movie to follow the suit. https://cdn0.desidime.com/attachments/photos/665759/medium/7ce625c0b8918060f4f147d5760a0707.gif?1613449752