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           I have decided to install rooftop solar panels with Central Govenment subcidy, to reduce my electricity bills. Now I am paying rs 10K electricity bill amount for 2 months, So how many Kilo Vatts I have to install to reduce my electricity bills?

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How much sqft space is available in the terrace. one kw in average generates 4 units of energy

Assuming - the unit price is around Rs8, your consumption should be around 1250 units per month if the bill is around Rs10,000. 
for 1250 units, a 10kw plant should be fine. The govt subsidy is Rs78,000 fixed for 3kw+ plants and a 10kw plant should cost around Rs5.5lakh after subsidy. 
there are few variables and upgrades as well which can take the cost higher. 

There are some good videos by Geekyranjit where he and his friends share their experience. 

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That depends on many factors,

i.e. Location, Per Unit Rate (It is better you check the consumption in Units instead of the amount.), Peak usage, etc.

Assuming a 7-8 Rs. average rate for the unit, and this is your current peak usage, 5KW would be sufficient. Go with tier 1 Mono Perc/Bifacial Mono Perc panels. (Adani, Waaree, Tata, etc.)

There are many threads available in DD with detailed discussions, try referring to them as well.

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Subsidy lene ke liye government se lena hoga na? Par hame trust issue hai.. inke vender cheao quality lagayenge and kya frame denge pata kaise kare..  anyway to pick and choose option.. market se lekar bhi subsidy milega kya

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There might be a list of approved vendors. Check their rating/reviews on YouTube. And choose.

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Congratulations on considering rooftop solar panels!
To reduce your electricity bills, you may consider installing a 5-6 kWp rooftop solar panel system, depending on your roof size, shading, and other factors.
Please consult a solar panel professional to assess your site and provide a detailed recommendation.
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